Crown Reduction

crown reduction
This is the general reduction of the trees crown sides and top and involves cutting back to the growing point thus ensuring the continued health of your tree. This can be done for the purpose of allowing more light through or if the size of the tree has become a cause for concern regarding overhead cables etc. The tree will be left with a tidier and more compact shape.

Crown Thinning

crown thinning
Also known as “dead wooding”, this involves the removal of dead, dying or diseased branches which can allow more light through the canopy and improves the overall structure. This helps to ensure the continued health of your tree.

Tree Felling and Dismantling

tree surgery
A tree can be felled from the base if space allowed and can be done in a highly controlled and accurate manner. If this is not appropriate due to space restrictions the tree is dismantled in sections and lowered piece by piece to the ground.

Stump Grinding/Removal

stump grinding
We have specialist machinery that makes light work of removing tree stumps. If left in situ, stumps can attract unwanted fungi which can spread to your healthy trees. Tree stumps can also look unsightly and removal allows the area to be replanted, turfed etc.