Tree Surgery in Newton Abbot

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The tree surgery in Newton Abbot was undertaken by our specialist tree surgeons, called in to dismantle a diseased Beech tree at Wolborough Church.

A very large old Beech tree situated in the graveyard was dying and diseased and needed to be removed. This was a very scenic location to work from, set high up with great views! However the access was limited with a long carry out of the waste and a delicate operation was ahead due to the location of the tree.

The photos don’t quite give justice to the huge height versus the very limited space to lower into carefully avoiding damaging the surrounding grounds and of course working respectfully amongst the headstones and graves, so very skilled control was required.

Dismantling diseased tree is a very dangerous business and must be left to the professionals. If you have a diseased tree and require a specialist tree surgeon in Newton Abbot or the surrounding areas don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

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