Tree Surgery at Exeter Quay

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Tree Surgery at Exeter Quay was carried out by our specialist team of tree surgeons working to dismantle a huge Poplar tree. Sadly the tree had come to the end of it’s life and was rotting and becoming a danger.

We needed to hire in a crane for this job. Although we have an impressive range of our own machinery we sometimes need a little extra help from something more specialist! Although of course there is a cost element to this, it is the most economical solution as it enables us to work much more efficiently and we completed this job in a day.

You can probably see how rotten the huge trunk section is from the final photos, you could almost stand inside it! The tree next to it was also affected but not to nearly the same extent. We reduced the height of this tree by approximately a third in order to reduce the sail and ensure the longevity of the tree.

As always with green waste, the tree was fully recycled into woodchip for use on gardens and paths.

For further information see our tree surgery services.
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