Sylvania Environment and Community Project

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We feel very lucky to work with a local organisation, the Sylvania Environment and Community Project (SECP).
This organisation looks after a piece of land that runs through the Sylvania Estate and it teams with wildlife such as numerous birds, bats, badgers, foxes, and butterflies. We are lucky enough to have access to this almost on our doorstep and it is named the “Squirrel Walk” by our son as there are many that make their home there too and we enjoy counting them on our dog walks! This large and established piece of land of course requires ongoing maintenance and we attend periodically as required to maintain hedges, strim back brambles and weeds, remove dead trees and general maintenance. Our tractor comes in very handy on this large site!

Most people wouldn’t realise the amount of equipment needed every day in a tree surgery business and this is another reason why it is always best to use a qualified arborist. The equipment that we use is high risk by it’s nature and requires specialist training and testing to be able to use it safely. It’s very important that we are adept at maintaining our equipment to the highest standards and performing minor repairs to keep everything running smoothly day to day. Although we don’t use our tractor on every job it proves invaluable when we do need it! Sometimes we need to hire in more specialist equipment such as mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPS) or traffic lights if we are working on a tree overhanging a busy road for example.

We are very lucky in and around Exeter to have so much wildlife and beautiful countryside surrounding us. There are many formal and less formal gardens to visit all year round. Sometimes however there are areas a little like the SECP just around the corner, and they are every bit as wild and beautiful and although we may take them a bit for granted if we walk through them every day on our way to work or school, we would certainly miss them if they were gone, and this is one of the reasons we really enjoy helping this area to thrive.

If you require any further information about SCEP including ways that you can help to maintain this beautiful space, then please see their website for more information SCEP.

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