Storm Damage/Emergency

Trees can sustain extensive damage and be left vulnerable & even dangerous as a result of the effects of high winds during a storm. The decision to try and save a storm damaged tree will depend on whether the extent of the damage leaves it hazardous and unsafe. A heavy prune and removal of damaged branches may be an option rather than a full dismantle and we have the experience to advise you as to the best course of action.

Spraying – Weed/Selective

Our staff are fully qualified for the use of pesticides which are used selectively on areas of troublesome weeds to ensure they are dealt with effectively.

General Garden Maintenance

We offer a general garden maintenance service which includes all the general jobs from planting & strimming to pruning/shaping.

Garden Clearance

Whether you have just moved into a new property and the layout of the outside space is not to your liking or if your garden has become a little out of control, we can help you to reorganise so that all you have to worry about is enjoying your garden space! We can remove unwanted shrubs or hedges, turf and fence to your requirements, the options are limitless.




Applications for Tree Work in Restricted Area

Sometimes there are restrictions on the type of tree and garden works that can be carried out such as Tree Preservation Orders. These are made my a local planning authority to protect a tree, group of trees, woodlands etc and prevent works being carried out without written consent. If you live in a Conservation area you will also need to apply to the local planning authority before the commencement of work. You can make these applications online yourself and a tree officer may need to visit in order to make an assessment and a decision as to whether to grant the works. However we are able to apply on your behalf if you require for a nominal fee which includes taking the application to appeal if necessary. You can check if there are any relevant tree restrictions at your property by contacting the planning department of your local council.