Hedge Work

For newly planted hedges we recommend a formative prune after 2 years. Following on from this an annual maintenance trim is generally sufficient for an informal hedge or up to 3 times annually for a more structured shape.

Hedge maintenance is important for the health and well-being of your hedge and ensures a dense and compact shape which reduces the chances of disease. We can also tackle the most neglected of hedges in order to bring them back under control! If for some reason you require a hedge removed we can facilitate this along with removal of the stumps to prevent regrowth.



We specialise in Feather Edge fencing using timber that has been pressure treated to industry standards and is obtained from sustainable sources. We can also provide decorative trellis if required. Part of a garden makeover can include removal of a hedge and replacing with fencing , please see our photo gallery for some examples.


Storm Damage/Emergency

Trees can sustain extensive damage and be left vulnerable & even dangerous as a result of the effects of high winds during a storm. The decision to try and save a storm damaged tree will depend on whether the extent of the damage leaves it hazardous and unsafe. A heavy prune and removal of damaged branches may be an option rather than a full dismantle and we have the experience to advise you as to the best course of action.


Spraying – Weed/Selective

Our staff are fully qualified for the use of pesticides which are used selectively on areas of troublesome weeds to ensure they are dealt with effectively.

General Garden Maintenance

We offer a general garden maintenance service which includes all the general jobs from planting & strimming to pruning/shaping.


Garden Clearance

Whether you have just moved in to a new property and the layout of the outside space is not to your liking or your garden has become a little out of control, we can help you to reorganise so that all you have to worry about is enjoying your garden! We can remove unwanted shrubs or hedges, turf and fence to your requirements, the options are limitless.