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We recently worked at a local property to tidy up the rear boundary. We removed a tree that had become too big for the garden and was reducing the light and also significantly reduced and tidied the hedge. It can be surprising how much having a good tidy of a border can have on the impact of the whole garden. The final result gives a much neater picture which will now need much less maintenance to keep it looking this good, a trim once or twice a year will keep it looking fantastic. The garden also seems much more spacious and lighter, ready to enjoy in the longer days that are not so far away now.

We advise booking your hedge work well in advance as we avoid the nesting season (March to August). We will check all sites to ensure there are no actives nests and if one is found then work will be postponed until the chicks have safely hatched and it is no longer used. In our experience clients are usually sympathetic if work does need to be put on hold but inevitably it can still be frustrating, so please book early to avoid delays. It is also better for the health of your hedge to avoid cutting it during the growing season. It is also important to use a professional who knows how much to reduce your hedge by in order to keep it healthy and ensure the end result is a neat straight line, much harder than you might imagine!

If you require hedge work or any garden maintenance don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.

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