Sylvania Environment and Community Project

We feel very lucky to work with a local organisation, the Sylvania Environment and Community Project (SECP). This organisation looks after a piece of land that runs through the Sylvania Estate and it teams with wildlife such as numerous birds, … Read More

Storm Damage at Marsh Barton

We were kept very busy during the first month of this year with the high winds and extensive rain taking it’s toll on many trees and fences. We were asked to attend an emergency job, storm damage at Marsh Barton … Read More

Hedge work

We recently worked at a local property to tidy up the rear boundary. We removed a tree that had become too big for the garden and was reducing the light and also significantly reduced and tidied the hedge. It can … Read More

Tree Surgery at Beautiful Estates in Devon

We feel privileged to work on some beautiful estates in Devon. These photos show the clearance of some large wind blown oak trees. It can feel rather sad to see such magnificent trees at the end of their lives. It … Read More

Tree Surgery at Exeter Quay

Tree Surgery at Exeter Quay was carried out by our specialist team of tree surgeons working to dismantle a huge Poplar tree. Sadly the tree had come to the end of it’s life and was rotting and becoming a danger. … Read More

Stump Grinding in Cheriton Bishop, Devon

Stump grinding in Cheriton Bishop, Devon was undertaken by our specialist team when we were asked to remove a huge stump from a garden. Some years previously we had attended to remove the tree which had been storm damaged and … Read More

Tree Surgery in Newton Abbot

The tree surgery in Newton Abbot was undertaken by our specialist tree surgeons, called in to dismantle a diseased Beech tree at Wolborough Church. A very large old Beech tree situated in the graveyard was dying and diseased and needed … Read More

Highlights from 2017

Some photos of our team working on various projects in 2017. Please follow and like us:

A Day in the Life of a Tree Surgeon

Here we have some photos of a complex dismantle and removal of a large Cedar tree situated in our clients garden located in Shillingford St George, Exeter. The tree was situated near to the clients many prized shrubs and plants, … Read More

Tree Surgeon Removes Dead Tree

We were asked to remove a dead tree from a site near to Pocombe Bridge, Exeter. After carefully dismantling the tree we also ground out the stump. The end result was a far more pleasing picture and in time the … Read More